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Apply here for characters using the provided template. Characters must be approved by an admin before they may begin to post. Approved characters will be moved to the appropriate category. Also note that you may drop and put characters on hiatus here.

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Can't seem to keep track of your character's adventures? Want to write down the nature of their relationship with other characters? Feel like planning storylines with other players? You've come to the right place!

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For all your OOC chat needs. Have some thoughts you'd like to share? Some forum games you'd like to start? This is the place for you.

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An old hidden missile silo in Nevada, this is Team Prime's home. It is virtually undetectable, and its entrances are concealed by low-power holograms to keep Decepticon and Earthling alike from snooping around.

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The flagship of the Decepticon fleet, it is all that remains of what once was a great conquering force. It circles the globe, using advanced cloaking technology and making it impossible to locate if one is not a Decepticon.

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A glittering city of the future, Crown City is the biggest settlement for miles around. It is surrounded by lush forested lands and mountainous terrain.

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A sleepy little town in Jasper County, Nevada, it is mainly known for its hospital, which services the surrounding area. Nothing exciting really happens here, which is exactly how the inhabitants prefer it.

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Once a Decepticon transport carrying a deadly prototype weapon, this warship was shot down by the Autobots. The wreckage is scattered across the midwest, with the largest intact section conspicuously nestled in a canyon. It is now base to The Vanguard, a fledgling neutral faction headed by Dreadwing.

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Energon, necessary for the survival of all Cybertronians, occurs naturally in crystal form which can be found on Earth. Both factions scramble to collect it, but the Decepticons hold a ruthless monopoly over the mines.

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Ah, the third planet from the sun! It is officially known as Sol-3 to the rest of the universe, but most inhabitants of this backwater planet call it 'Earth'. Includes all locations on Earth not specified.

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Cybertron at peace, with great scientific breakthroughs and cultural flourishing. Billions inhabit this planet in complacent bliss. Yet not all are content, and there are rumblings of dissatisfaction in the shadows.

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War of unimaginable proportions has come to the planet. A race has torn itself a part, and now two factions fight each other over their homeworld, having little clue that their conflict is destroying the very prize they wish to win.

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With biolights darkened and few signs of life, Cybertron has been rent asunder by the long and vicious war. It is a dead planet, incapable of supporting anything or anyone apart from the few remaining scavengers.

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With the War over and Cybertron restored, the Autobot faction has installed a new system of government. Now that the planet is teeming with new life, many have found their way back in order to help rebuild it.

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Oh, the wide endless black! Most of space is uncharted and unexplored, even by spacefaring races. Includes all places not otherwise specified elsewhere.

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Need to call someone? Maybe have some texts you want to send? All personal communications and correspondences that would otherwise warrant their own thread can be made here.

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Any storylines that would not otherwise fit within forum continuity may be played out here.The only limit is your imagination.

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A popular bar with plenty of spirits, it exists out of the forum timeline. Here characters can come and interact regardless of faction or story constraints. There are just three simple rules: 'No Guns, No Swords, No Briefcases.'

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