A Battle for the Fate of Nothing in Particular


Please respect the space and don't hesitate to ask questions!
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EmiKMy: I would like an invitation Jul 26, 2020 10:43:54 GMT
First Aid Avatar
First Aid: Woops! Wasn't logged in! Apr 4, 2020 16:45:58 GMT
Guest Avatar
First Aid: Yeessss! Apr 4, 2020 15:25:30 GMT
Shotimus Avatar
Shotimus: First Aid!!!!!! :D Apr 4, 2020 13:41:02 GMT
Shotimus Avatar
Shotimus: asfuaosiudfaksdlfjh!!! Apr 4, 2020 13:40:58 GMT
Straightouttaiacon Avatar
Straightouttaiacon: Sup! Apr 3, 2020 22:19:18 GMT
Twomp Avatar
Twomp: Heyo Mar 11, 2020 1:03:26 GMT
Field-Barrage Avatar
Field-Barrage: aight im back guys Feb 14, 2020 15:43:02 GMT
Thundercracker Avatar
Thundercracker: Your stick in the mud attitude is illogical Feb 10, 2020 20:39:12 GMT
Shockwave Avatar
Shockwave: 'Booping' is illogical. Feb 7, 2020 21:25:23 GMT
Slash Avatar
Slash: Boop Sept 26, 2019 1:06:37 GMT
Field-Barrage Avatar
Field-Barrage: Apologies for not replying earlier, I'm just trying to finish my assignments ill be there with ya k? Sept 18, 2019 16:27:32 GMT
Slash Avatar
Slash: Slash has found a chase. Sept 16, 2019 19:09:14 GMT
Shadow Striker Avatar
Shadow Striker: Shotimus here. The link I sent you will send you over to our Discord. :) Sept 14, 2019 18:53:42 GMT
Mr. Jexxel Avatar
Mr. Jexxel: oh yeah about the discord what's the channel? Sept 14, 2019 18:15:21 GMT
Mr. Jexxel Avatar
Mr. Jexxel: I'm back guis ready to rp Sept 14, 2019 18:15:05 GMT
Shotimus Avatar
Shotimus: Take care~. We've got our plotters as well as Discord. :) Sept 14, 2019 17:05:13 GMT
Mr. Jexxel Avatar
Mr. Jexxel: or don't..idk. Sept 14, 2019 16:55:37 GMT
Mr. Jexxel Avatar
Mr. Jexxel: Well, I better go. If you guys got some rp plans just message me. Sept 14, 2019 16:55:25 GMT
Shotimus Avatar
Shotimus: Think that's all the TinyPic images aside from the one in the Directory. Sadly the first 3 Swerve Recaps were lost, but we were able to recover the rest of them. Sept 14, 2019 16:16:26 GMT *
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